Travelling mums

I have resumed my travels for work.

SimplySalesTalk: How to manage a micromanager

I used to work in SMEs and I can understand why the bosses like to micro manage people. They know that their employees are bound to quit sooner or later so they would want to know whatever you do so that they can follow up when time comes. They also want you to do according to their methods because they know that you will never put in as much effort as them.Thus, it leads to micromanagement.

Even bosses in MNC might be prone to micro management. They might feel that they can do better than you so they keep instructing you on what to do even though you have been in this job for more than a few years.
You so good, you do everything la!

Advertorials or helpful sharing

Recently, I received a few advertisers asking to post on my blog without mentioning that it is an advertorial. Worse part is, I have no say in the post or what is going to be published. This becomes not my blog anymore but a platform for advertising.

I hated it.

I want the money but yet I cannot accept it. Sigh, why is it so difficult to earn some money?! I think my readers will know that it is not written by me but then, my credibility as an objective reviewer will just go down the drain. What if the advertorial post goes against what I believe in? Am I blogging for money or for my hobby?

Preferably both la!

Too bad my hobby can't translate much into earnings. However, this made me realise one thing - I am blogging to share about what I feel, hopefully good deals and prudent tips for everyone. If you can help to click on my ads, then I will be happier, haha!

I welcome advertorials openly but too bad, my blog does not attract much traffic. It's ok because I have less pressure to commit on topics that I do not feel strongly about. It's a nice hobby and hopefully I will have more inspiration once I start travelling again.

I am not here to shame bloggers who do so because I know money is a strong motivating factor and there is a price to everything. Free money why refuse? I did not even give them a chance to offer before I rejected them. Stupid?! Maybe $10k leh? If one day you recognize that it is not my rambling then you will know that some advertisers offered $10k. Haha ok, daydreaming.

Let's not be too quick to judge others (me!).

Do you want to be a financial consultant?

I overheard 2 undergraduates talking among themselves while queueing for food and it's quite an interesting topic that I, myself have pondered before.

It's ok not to breastfeed

Being pregnant for 9 months is not easy, followed by enduring the pain to give birth to a baby. As if all these are not enough, there is still breastfeeding to contend with.
Being condemned if you walk down this aisle

How to choose a good infant care

After a long debate on whether to choose a nanny or infant care for my baby, I previously decided on a nanny near my house.

Review of Mt Alvernia

As my gynaecologist is from a private clinic, I can only choose the private hospitals which are Mt Alvernia, Thomson Medical, Mt Elizabeth and Raffles Hospital. From a survey of my friends, Mt Alvernia is the most popular one followed by Thomson.

Are you adventurous?

I have a colleague who only eats the same dish in the same restaurants. Always.

Pokemon craze

Some parents like to ask kids to go out and play and not stay at home and play computer games. Nowadays, you can go out yet still playing hand phone games.

My modern confinement practice

It is very difficult to conform to the traditional confinement practices because most of them do not make any sense any more in our modern society and especially in Singapore's climate. Some of them are only hearsay or old wives' tale that do not have any truth in it. Do take note that I am not a doctor so these are my understanding only. Just follow your mother and mother-in-law as it will definitely make your life easier. Some old rules include:

1) Cannot take shower or wash hair
This is only applicable if we have winter in Singapore where taking a shower will be equivalent to catching a cold. You will definitely be really sweaty and sticky in our weather conditions. Even if you turn on the air con 24/7, you will encounter hot flashes in the initial period. Your whole body and scalp will be really dirty after 1 month and it's not hygienic when you are handling the baby!

2) Cannot drink water
Many people informed me about this as drinking water can lead to water retention in your body, face or limbs. In actual fact, drinking insufficient water is the cause of water retention! You will be so dehydrated about delivery and breastfeeding that you should drink more water. However, refrain from drinking cold water as you might catch a cold although there is no proven harm for it.

3) Cannot turn on the fan or air con or open the windows
Not only to prevent you from catching a cold, it is said that 'wind' will enter your body and cause headaches and backaches in the future. Don't worry, it is not proven to be true too.

4) Cannot eat chicken, duck, beef or oily, salty, spicy, raw food
This is an old wives' tale which is hard to prove. I could not even find anyone proving that chicken is 'toxic' and not recommended after surgery. The best explanation is that chicken is injected with hormones and old folks may not be comfortable with it.

5) Cannot walk if possible and should be lying down at all times
This might be true for the first 2 weeks and especially so for c-sect mothers. You have stitches and your body is so weak so it is encouraged that you lie down to rest. You know your body well so you would know how much you can walk. Sitting down is acceptable, you do not have to keep lying down.

6) Cannot read or cry
You would probably cry during the first week due to stress, hormones or breastfeeding pain and problems. It is normal, it is good to cry and de-stress a few times but not all the time. Bottling your feelings up would be much worse. Similarly, reading might stress your eyes and body so you should just keep sleeping as much as you want.

The main theory is this:
1) Do your best not to catch a cold
You are at your most vulnerable state after surgery and your body's health and immune system is reset after an intensive labour. Avoid being in situations where you might feel chilly.
2) Do not eat anything that may cause a stomach upset
Do stay cautious and don't try any new food during confinement because you do not know how your body would react to it.
3) Do not overwork your body 
Rest more but if you are bored, just watch some shows and go ahead and read! One will definitely sleep when one is tired.
4) Take a balanced diet
Eat in moderation so even though there are toxins in some food, it will not be enough to accumulate! You will definitely eat lots of lean pork, eggs, salmon, thread fin fish and ginger. Do eat less ginger if you want to reduce the jaundice level of your baby.
5) Take it easy! 
Just rest and sleep and recuperate is the main idea for confinement.

Do read these articles from Eu Yan Sang and Health Xchange that debunk all the popular confinement myth. In conclusion, rest, rest and more rest is of the utmost importance.