Hajime - Value for money

I am not trying to compete with the food bloggers but to show support for a dear friend of mine. They have just set up this very successful business and in the most competitive industry - F&B! I would like to introduce everyone to their restaurant, Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen.

The premium pork loin set at only $19.90

Spectra S1 breast pump review

I can now write this review because I have got some feedback on the Spectra S1 vs Medela Free style. The prices of these 2 vary significantly so actually it's not a fair comparison. At my time of purchase, Spectra S1 cost around $220 while Medela Free style is about $1150, as seen in Lazada.
Taken from Spectra's website

Now when my friends all tell me that Spectra S1 is better than Medela Free style, I was shocked. I did not expect a cheaper product to come out tops. I was just expecting S1 to be a value for money product.

So you see, not all expensive things are good.

Anyway, back to basics first. Why do we need breast pumps? The mothers before our generation will not know anything about this because this is quite a modern invention. This comes hand in hand when the experts started encouraging more mothers to breastfeed.

Dual pump is better because time is on the essence especially when you are a new mum. Be productive and save on the time to sleep more. Breast pump enables mums to rest and someone else to take over the feeding. It also helps when you have over supply of milk. It is essential to pump frequently when you need to build up your supply at the initial stage to match the growing baby's appetite. It is vital when you have nipple pain or other latch problems so pumping has to take over.

Compared to Medela, S1 is better as the pumping action is soothing and not overly intrusive. You get more milk supply due to the suction and there are more modes of suction to choose from. If you want a good pump for home use then S1 is really good. M1 and S9 are for bringing out as it is light weight and small sized but do take note that the pump will not be as strong. Why I bought S1 as compared to S2 is because I can pump while watching the TV or on the bed so for me,  the rechargeable battery is necessary.

You will surely feel like a cow for the first few months so lucky there are these inventions to help you get through the days. Hang in there!
Taken from pupsikstudio.com
Disclaimer: I don't get any commission from recommending any brands so just to share things that have benefited me and help all other new mums to save some money.

Top 10 practical yet romantic gifts

Repost to give you more ideas on the upcoming Valentines Day:

After all the debate about the Top 10 unwanted gifts, you will have to ask... then what is there to buy?!! Okok, this is a bit unfair and my choices are definitely different from other girls but it's better than giving hello kitty presents all the time. Let's see if I can give you some ideas... Warning: All of them require certain amount of time, effort, research and sincerity.

1) Electronic gadgets/accessories
Honestly guys, stick with what you are good at and what she is not in general cases. Most guys know more about gadgets than girls so it should be a safe bet. Hard disk, bluetooth hands-free earpiece, selfie stick, handphone car holder, cover, or even the accessories! They are definitely practical and much appreciated. A hair straightener that can double up as a curler is also a cool idea that most guys will not think to buy. You can even give her a thumbdrive that include your love story and photos in nice powerpoint slides and heartfelt messages in it!
If budget is low, just buy the accessories! (Source: lifestyle9.com)
2) Water bottle
Everyone always needs to change their water bottle. I actually have 3 of them, 1 for work, 1 at home and 1 for sports. A good, nice one is easy to get from Royal Sporting House or Taobao. Write a simple note and insert into the bottle together with some stars, ribbons or petals and there you have your simple, thoughtful gift.

3) Thermal flask
Working adults normally need it for their coffee/tea and it's great for travels. If you have time to spare, plan a picnic. Otherwise, let me share with you the perfect way to worm into her heart: Fill it with hot cocoa/coffee and bring it to surprise her on a cold night and you are bound to get lucky that night.
The perfect image in my mind... (Source: ciderwithrosie.com)
4) Facial and hair apparels
Let's face it, our skin will not be so youthful forever. Body moisturizer is like the essential product that every of my female friends has so it should be safe and practical. Check out her usual brands and you could go even further to buy other things like face mask, nail polish or hair products. It doesn't sound romantic but she will appreciate that you have paid attention to what brands that she is using. Best is if you buy her make up remover and you remove make up for her that night.... Score!

5) Jewellery box
I have found that every girl needs a jewellery box and I have started giving all my girlfriends this handy gift recently. Surprisingly, none of my friends have got a nice, fashionable and big one with lots of compartments to store rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. You can shop around depending on budget at all the online stores. If you have also bought some accesories then store it inside and wait for her to find out!
Doesn't cost much if you buy online (Source: Wikipedia)
6) Accessories/Watches
Diamonds are girls' best friend. If your pocket is not so deep, go for pearl earrings then. Please don't go for those sold in Accesorize shop. I heard Pandora is a really good choice but quite steep. Couple watches are also a safe bet as it goes to show your commitment to her and always seems more expensive than it really is. City chain 50% off is a good bargain but price makes all the difference in this case.

7) Customized travel kit
One of my best and most thoughtful gift that I have received. It contains some basic medication, nail clipper, band-aids, zip lock bags, small bottles of sun screen, lip balm and knick knacks. With some good packaging, you can even sell it as a plan for your next overseas trip together. Swee.
Definitely easy to customize (Source: Wikipedia)
8) Puzzles
Everyone loves a good teaser and it excites your relationship and brings the intimacy to a whole new level. Someone once drew me a treasure map and then passed it to me on valentine's day. The X marks the place my present was hidden in school but I had to find it on my own! I gave up looking after a while until he hinted that I was looking at the right place. I think this idea is great but please be beside her while she is doing the search if not, she will look quite idiotic looking around.

I once did a treasure hunt with hidden clues leading to the next and ultimately to the end point (which can be the present or the dinner place) and it was easier than I thought to do it! Less crowded places will be better to hide the clues and it can be somewhere that meant something to both of you. Or if she loves food, make it a food hunt. My friend once did a crossword puzzle and the girl has to solve all of it to find out the final word which is the place for dinner! All of these doesn't have to be just on the guys' initiative, actually the girls can do it to surprise the guys too.

9) Flowers
Yes, you know about flowers (Not potted flowers!) but I need to explain why it is listed here. The truth is, not everyone like flowers. I don't and I think it's a waste of money. But, flowers are meant to be a display of affection and a symbol of romance. A show off. A proud declaration that she is attached. An announcement that she has a romantic partner. If every girl has it, then she will need it to make you and her look good. Flowers are only given when there is a crowd around, like in her school or office or a gathering. Luckily there is social media so it's still meant to be broadcasted to the world if she wants it.

10) Hand made/ home made stuff
Nothing says sincerity as much as when she can see that you have put in effort to do something for her. A home made dinner, cake, dessert, chocolate will touch her even if it tastes disgusting. Hand made cards, scrap book, little sweet notes/post-its, a simple drawing captured on camera and sent to her, even a customized desktop or mobile wall paper/ screen saver will secure your happiness late into the night.
Better not expect that she will clean up for you.. (Source: Wikipedia)
Even if you are married, you shouldn't take your relationship for granted and should continue to put in effort to create some romance once in a while. Please share your best gifts and feedback so that we can all benefit from it! Good luck everyone!

Going in-depth on ILP vs term

Regarding my previous post going in depth on why I changed from ILP to term, I think there are many people who have questions and so to make it clear, here are the main reasons again:
1) My coverage increased from 250k to 1 million
2) Yet my premiums decreased half from $266 to  $139
3) Furthermore, the $266 for ILP will only increase with age while the $153 for term policy is fixed for the 25 years.

20 essential things to get before baby's arrival

It's a daunting task to cater and care for another human being.

Besides the physical changes to the mother's body, hospital bag to pack, spaces will need to cleared and arrangements will need to be sorted out. A hole in your pocket can be reduced if you are like me, buying everything online.

My la la land clarified!

From my part 1 and looking at the comments, initially I was indignant. Why are you guys not supporting me?

My la la land

It's the start of the year yet I have reached my mid life crisis. Or rather, a mid career crisis although I have only been working for 7.5 years. Yep, don't laugh.
From Nick Hubbard

Mt Alvernia - Mother&Child Guidebook review

I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to review on this guidebook (Click to read) because I have only started the #Familytalk series this year. I truly enjoyed my stay in Mt Alvernia but that is not why I agreed to do this review. The chief motivating factor is because this guide has been painstakingly compiled yet given free of charge to everyone. I can see it benefiting not just pregnant women, but also parents with toddlers, and women who are trying to get pregnant.
For more info, you can visit Mt Alvernia's website

Being dad - Things I knew but didn't understand

There are many ways to put it. I have been promoted. I joined the club. Your BMT is going to start again. I knew what being a dad entails, but I did not truly understand them.

Not until my little darling daughter came and stole my heart.

Stop wasting your time

Stop wasting your youth.