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It's the start of the year yet I have reached my mid life crisis. Or rather, a mid career crisis although I have only been working for 7.5 years. Yep, don't laugh.
From Nick Hubbard

Mt Alvernia - Mother&Child Guidebook review

I was pleasantly surprised to be invited to review on this guidebook (Click to read) because I have only started the #Familytalk series this year. I truly enjoyed my stay in Mt Alvernia but that is not why I agreed to do this review. The chief motivating factor is because this guide has been painstakingly compiled yet given free of charge to everyone. I can see it benefiting not just pregnant women, but also parents with toddlers, and women who are trying to get pregnant.
For more info, you can visit Mt Alvernia's website

Being dad - Things I knew but didn't understand

There are many ways to put it. I have been promoted. I joined the club. Your BMT is going to start again. I knew what being a dad entails, but I did not truly understand them.

Not until my little darling daughter came and stole my heart.

Stop wasting your time

Stop wasting your youth.

Of gays and surrogacy

I had a chat with a Singaporean friend staying at Bangkok for 2 years. Both of us were amazed by the Thais, particularly on their accepting culture no matter who you are and who you like.

Happy 2nd birthday!

I barely scraped through this year.

My new Honda HRV

I could finally drag no more and have to buy a car.

Thailand - The calm before the storm?

I just returned from Bangkok and it was just so unfortunate that the Thai King Bhumibol just passed away recently.
Black and white cloth everywhere

Updated BOC Smart saver vs other banks

From my last post, it seemed like BOC Smart saver is a good account. Alas, all good things must come to an end. It is not going to be so enticing anymore. Similar to OCBC 360, they changed their terms after the initial hype.

Let's take a look at the revised interest rates wef Dec 2016.

Comparing the new changes to the rest of the banks:

With that, the interest rate for the majority of us would be different too:

You can see that BOC Smart saver is no longer that attractive after the change. Initially, they wanted the market share and thus, set high interests compared to OCBC 360. Now, they are targeting people with high cash in their accounts and also high spending power. I believe most of us are still going to stick with OCBC 360 or UOB One.

I wonder how many of you changed from OCBC to BOC and are now going to change again.

POSB Cashback Bonus vs Standard Chartered Bonus Saver and others

Every bank now wants a piece of the action. Thanks to the success of OCBC 360, DBS and Standard Chartered bank are coming up with the bonus interest plans now. However, timing is everything. It will take much more to get consumers to switch away.

Anyway, let's evaluate:

POSB Cashback Bonus